Covid-19/Coronavirus Info:

Yes! We are still shipping orders during this time! Orders ship in 3-7 days.



United States including Alaska, Hawaii, and AFO/FPO

Ships USPS First Class/Priority based on weight. Calculated at checkout.


We are located in the USA, and we ship to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. Shipping costs depend on weight and the country they’re going to, so you’ll see the cost at checkout. 


Order Cancellations & Changes

  • Contact us within 24 hours of ordering at hello (at) msandry.com
  • We are happy to make address changes or cancel your order if it has not been yet shipped.
  • Swapping out one product for another is dependent on how many we have in our physical inventory here at the Bath House. Sometimes the website inventory is inaccurate.
  • We cannot edit your order to include a coupon code if you forgot it.


  • If your order was damaged during shipping: please take photos and email them to us at hello (at) msandry.com within 7 days of receiving your package. Please include the shipping label in a photo so that we can file an insurance claim with the USPS. We will work with you to send a replacement, a refund, or store credit.
  • Due to the nature of our products being used on the body, and needing to be safe and clean, we do not accept returns in any case. If you don’t love a product, you undoubtedly have a friend who would be happy to adopt it from you!
  • We cannot offer refunds based on disliking a product, scent, or it not working for your skin. Every product page has a full ingredient listing, description of packaging, size, and scent notes. What some people love, other people hate. That’s the nature of shopping online. If you have a specific sensitivity or need, please contact us at hello (at) msandry.com before purchasing. 


Damaged Items

Ms. Andry does everything she can to keep your products safe along the way to you.

Shipping bottles of liquids and other spillable items will never be entirely flawless. Depending on the season, your shipment may travel through areas below freezing temperatures, or sit in a very hot delivery truck all day. Your box will get catapulted through sorting machinery and tossed from place to place.

  • If a product arrives too damaged to use: send photos and your order number to hello (at) msandry.com so we can figure out the best way to resolve it for you
  • If a product arrives frozen: let it sit at room temperature and thaw, or put it in a bowl of warm (not hot) water. DO NOT microwave or heat on the stove. You can stir or gently shake bottles and jars if the freezing causes any separation. There are no safety risks caused by freezing.
  • If a product arrives melted: put your product in the fridge or freezer, inside another container if necessary. Solid balms and thicker body creams are likely to melt during the summer months. Even during cold seasons your box could sit inside a heated truck or travel through a hot climate. There are no safety risks caused by melting. If it has melted beyond use, please send us photos and order info to hello (at) msandry.com so we can help find a solution.