This year was a lot, but let’s talk about some of the good stuff.

So let’s be honest here: 2017 has been a total shitshow. Even the parts of it that have been kinda good, like a few men facing a few consequences, have been painful as hell for most of us to witness. So I feel likeĀ  remembering some of the great things that have happened in my year is crucial to my sanity. And since you’ve all been a huge part of my year, I better share the love.

The best thing I did this year (in terms of Ms. Andry’s Bath House, at least) was opening up my personal facebook profile to adding fans of the business page. At first, I wanted to do this because facebook has so badly tanked traffic to business pages. I found it nearly impossible to reach anyone that way, whether to tell you about an awesome sale, or a new product, or just to say hey and tell you I think you’re great. I’ve grown exhausted trying to figure out all of the algorithms and marketing junk and advertising psychology to try and fit into the capitalist publicity tricks. As I suspected, it’s been way better for me and for my business to actually become social media friends with folks who started as loyal customers. I get to know things about your life, your family, your passion for being badass feminists.

And I get to share the same with you! I want you to know who you’re spending your hard-earned dollars with, and get instant feedback on what you like, don’t like, dream of having. I absolutely love knowing you as more than a name on an order. We get to vent about life with tiny, demanding humans, share stories about mansplainers, and give each other support living through the current hellscape that is planet Earth. In short: I love you, I am so glad to know you, and I am so lucky that you trust me to be a part of your life.


That time one of the greatest modern feminists sent a gift to another one of the greatest modern feminists and…holy shit how is this real life?!




I’ve gotten to hear from customers dealing with mental and physical illnesses, disabilities impacting their daily routine, sensory difficulties, sensitive skin, new parenthood, grouchy kids- you’ve invited me into your homes, and it is one of the greatest joys of my life to be able to make some of the hardest moments a little bit more pleasant. I’ve dealt with a lot of the same tough things this year. I’ve fought through deep, dark depression more days than I can count. I have stopped between many batches of lotion to sit on my kitchen floor and sob my eyes out. This year has been too much in too many ways.

But I am so glad I get to do this work. I have learned so much and I am really excited to embark on 2018– maybe with some new products, maybe with some federal indictments of high level government officials. We shall see! I’ll be here with you the whole way no matter what happens.


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1 thought on “This year was a lot, but let’s talk about some of the good stuff.”

  • Hi! I feel so much all the bad things you list here. It has been nearly impossible to run a small business in this atmosphere. No, a very tiny business. Did you know that the gummint thinks any “small business” is one that only makes one million dollars a year? Poor things!
    Meanwhile back to why I’m writing: your Underboob Powder is amazing! I’m 84, and along with other collywobbles, I suddenly developed a severe rash under one breast. Nobody knows why. It got so painful I stopped wearing bras. Figured at my age, an uplift bra wasn’t needed anyway. But the rash was still painful. Tried all kinds of creams but nada. My forthright daughter heard from a friend about your powder. I sent for some.
    WOW! I am comfortable for the first time in a year! Thank you! Funny thing is that my doctor said the list of ingredients didn’t mean a thing; simply could not do what I said it did. I’ve stopped thinking of doctors as minor gods, so I just said, “Hey, it works. That’s all I need.”
    Thanks so much for concocting this powder. So soothing.
    I’ve not checked out your other offerings, but I will.
    — Bjo Trimble
    PS: You may use my comments in any of your sites.

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