The Bold Type is the Best Feminist Show You’re Not Watching

I feel a duty to make sure everyone I know is watching The Bold Type. It’s been on for just 10 episodes, and you can find it on Freeform- but really, watch it on Hulu because what even is Freeform? I don’t know.

This show looks like a mishmash of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars from the outside- and don’t get me wrong, I have binged both of those series multiple times. What this show does that those do not do? Women supporting women. Women wearing fabulous outfits while challenging one another to work harder and make difficult decisions. Lamenting shitty exes, getting drunk at work parties, and then waking up the next day and writing articles about subversive intersectionally feminist artists.

It’s about three best friends who get angry with one another, and then work through forgiveness together. It’s about multidimensional women who are strong and soft. They care about freeing the nipple while caring about what outfit to wear while caring about sexual assault while caring about sex positivity while frequently using words like “mansplaining” in casual conversation. It is, quite frankly, just like my relationships with the best women in my life. Okay, not quite. None of us are going to fashion week. But the point I need to drive home is that these women have layered characters, interests, and issues. They make good decisions and bad, and instead of the constant catfighting in basically every other show starring women in their twenties and thirties, they actually enjoy being around each other.

Did I mention their bold, badass boss is Jan from The Office? No candle company, sorry to say. I could go on forever about all of the topics they’ve covered in ten episodes but I’d rather you just watch it and tell me your thoughts.

It could be less white and skinny, though it’s not totally white. One of the three protags is a Black/mixed race woman, and there are several supporting characters that are PoC. Everyone is thin, because of course, but it is still decidedly worth watching.





2 thoughts on “The Bold Type is the Best Feminist Show You’re Not Watching”

  • I am so woefully bad at recognizing established actors from role to role so HOW did I get through the WHOLE series without realizing the bosslady was Jan from The Office? Yeesh!

    I can’t wait to see what they do in the new season.

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