Free Printable Coloring Sheets and Upcoming Fall Stuff

I just realized I never updated from my last blog post about getting genetic testing. Well, the results came back completely negative for any genetic mutations in the group that they tested for. So all of that excitement for naught! Not really nothing, I guess. I’m extremely relieved to be back to a regular amount of wondering about the myriad ways in which I might die just like any other person. Now onto the fun!

I included two coloring sheets in the Staying Afloat Summer box and I promised I would put them up on the blog to download in case you missed the box or wanted to print out more. You can download them from Google Drive by clicking each photo or here: Fat Donut Babe and Destroy The Patriarchy.

Fat Donut Babe Ms Andry Coloring SheetDestroy the Patriarchy Ms Andry Coloring Page

Thanks to my bff Jane for her in-progress shot of Destroy the Patriarchy. Or “Destroy To Hoe Patriarchy” which it apparently reads as, and should be considered a secret code. I don’t know what the code is though.

Now that the summer box is done and it’s already August, I’m moving straight on with fall products. I love smelling like sunscreen and frozen drinks, but it’s time for a new season! And never fear: the Vengeful Sea Hag collection will be here year round if you still need to smell like a coconut.

I’m ready to lean fully in to crisp air, bonfires, and witchy magic potions. There’s already Caramel Apple Cider, Herbology, and Spiced Pear bath fizzies in the shop, and I’ve got more exciting bath things on the way: a Ms. Frizzle bright yellow bomb with rainbow colors and crackling pops, a deep red Blood Moon bomb that smells like Nag Champa, a Dino Egg bomb with a dinosaur toy inside, Zombies and Pirates with little skulls and bones candies, and quite a handful of bubbling bath cauldrons. There’s some moisturizing bath melts that look like ice cream, too!

On the non-fizzing front, more lotions and body butters are returning, including some of the super heavy fall butters from last year (Banshee Bourbon and Valkyrie Vanilla).  Antimatter charcoal salt scrub is back and better than ever, joined by Cold Hearted Snowflake menthol foot scrub, Lavender Menace scrub cubes, and Cosmic Brownie sugar scrub bars.

I know we’re heading towards gift giving season, and I love hearing all your ideas so much! I set up a super quick form here so that you can type in any requests to me and they’ll all get saved in one spot! Seriously quick, you don’t even have to put in a name. Just one box where you can write something to me! I get so many requests all the time that I really want to try and make happen, but I have a terrible memory and can never find your brilliant ideas when I am in need of inspiration. I get so much inspiration from all of the wonderful folks around me, and I love getting to try new stuff. If I haven’t made something suggested, it’s almost always because I simply couldn’t find the right materials, or couldn’t figure out how to make it stable enough to put in a box and mail to your doorstep. I love a good challenge, though, so keep ’em coming with this form right here.

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